Monday, 30 April 2012

Tour of Borneo (click here)
I went to Ranau Town yesterdat at 2pm and unfortunately, I was trapped there for almost 3 hours because of the Tour of Borneo. I'm so disappointed with the organizer because they blocked whole Ranau and Kundasang and causing massive traffic jam around that area. It was so not practical to blocked whole area. Do they have notice prior to that event that they will close the road? I wondering. I'm fully support this event but blocking the road and causing hundred or thousands of people stucked there for almost 3 hours ++ is really disappointing. The stupid organizer should think the best way to not make the traffic in massive jam. They only think about their event but didn't think about the people who stucked in the road who might be hungry, sick, rushing for business, want pee or poo....seriously, the organizer has made a mistake by blocking and paralysed the traffic in Ranau. Shame on you Tour of  Borneo organizer.!!!!!

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