Monday, 30 April 2012

Tour of Borneo (click here)
I went to Ranau Town yesterdat at 2pm and unfortunately, I was trapped there for almost 3 hours because of the Tour of Borneo. I'm so disappointed with the organizer because they blocked whole Ranau and Kundasang and causing massive traffic jam around that area. It was so not practical to blocked whole area. Do they have notice prior to that event that they will close the road? I wondering. I'm fully support this event but blocking the road and causing hundred or thousands of people stucked there for almost 3 hours ++ is really disappointing. The stupid organizer should think the best way to not make the traffic in massive jam. They only think about their event but didn't think about the people who stucked in the road who might be hungry, sick, rushing for business, want pee or poo....seriously, the organizer has made a mistake by blocking and paralysed the traffic in Ranau. Shame on you Tour of  Borneo organizer.!!!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2012


I'm back!

O&G Posting at Hospital Kajang
I created this new blog because I don't like my previous blogs. I've made a mistake by connected it each other and it's very hard for me to edit it one by one. Anyway, I'm fine although something happened to me 2 weeks ago. Something that I already expect to happen and yet I really don't want it to come true...
5 years in Medical School taught me a lot about human, life and sciences and how Human can interfere with someone's life. My life was totally changed for the past 5 years. I have sleep deprivation, paranoia of exam and result, my body weight was drastically increased and etc!!!
I've learn what is love and hatred. 
I've learn what is selfish and being humble.
I've learn how to deal with rejection and acceptance.
I've learn that this world is sometime so unfair. 
I've learn that Malaysia is formed by Federation of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak (seriously, I've been fooled by textbook for almost 10 years)
I've learn the importance of money and yet I never worry about my money. (I believe that God already provided money for me.Hence, I got scholarship, PAMA, sisters and brothers. hehe)
I stucked! I never failed in my exam(big exams) during my 5 years in Medical School. And being a failure student for my very final exam in MD course is totally a big disappointment for me. Some people said I was unlucky. Some of my friends said I shouldn't be failed since my record is clean. Some people said the person who always failed and problematic student and who passed the professional exam should fail. It shouldn't me and my other unlucky friends (there are 11 of us). 
Yes, I do agree with them. But, losers will always give excuses. Maybe I didn't performed well during the exam. (I guess yes???) and maybe I deserve another 6 months in MD course. 
I texted my sisters and told them that I can't make it. And they said, Never mind, God has His reason. And after that I called my mum and for the first time in my life, I cried on the phone. I told her that I failed in my exam and I'm sorry to disappoint my family. I'm sorry because I will use an amount of money to continue my study for next 6 months. And she said....I'm sorry for your failure. Don't worry about money because it's not your job. Your job is to continue the battle and come back and serve the people here. 
I couldn't reach my dad at the time (My mum told me that he has meeting at Pejabat Daerah Kota Belud - My dad is one of the committee) However, 2 hours later he called me and asked me about my result. I told him that I failed and he said..."really?" for 3 times...and after's ok. 
For the first 12 hours after the Result, I was not myself.I loss of confidence, motivation and trust.
I was in denial stage and blaming myself and I wish I can go back to my exam day and change everything. 
My coursemates asked me whether I;m fine or not and I just smiled and told them that I'm ok. Although I'm not.
2 weeks after the result which is today, I feel better, motivated and gain my confidence back.
I know that nobody is perfect. 
I know that God has his reason for me.
I know that for the next 6 months, I will be a better person. 
God, thanks for the blessing You give me.
Thanks for the faith and strength that You give me.
Thanks to my family for their supports.
Thanks to my baby for the encouragement and love.
Thanks to my friends for their advises.

Last but not least, wish me the best for the next 6 months.